07 May 2012

Don’t Change For Me

current state of mind: uncommonly sensical

Taking your time, get a little older
All the possibilities weigh down on your shoulders
Such imagination, I'm getting to the heart of it
It's about life; trying to make the most of it
~ ‘For Awhile’ by The Feelies

My morning began at 3:16am when the thunder and lightning freaked out Elizabeth.  She was sound asleep in her new doggie bed and all was well – until Mother Nature sent forth her wrath.   Then all was definitely NOT well.  Luckily, she had a bath Sunday afternoon, so I did not mind her wanting to be under my freshly laundered comforter.  I kept her in her doggie bed, but placed the comforter over her head, which calmed her down and provided enough comfort for her to fall back asleep.  Of course, I was wide awake by that point.  I played all my turns of Wordle (Wordfeud) and then played 4 games of solitaire on my phone before drifting back to sleep.

The phone rang at 6:06am; a friendly wake-up call from someone who cares that I get out of bed in the morning.  I promised to get out of bed and then hung up, only to promptly fall back asleep until the second call 25 minutes later.  This time, I actually did get out of bed.  While brushing my teeth I reviewed today’s horoscope and was taken aback by the Universe’s turn on me:

“Normally, you have plenty of common sense at your disposal, but you seem to have lost your sound judgment today. You're striving for a more unconventional approach to a solution, but you may not be able to logically justify your radical ideas now. Unfortunately, others probably won't support your efforts if your plan isn't practical, so examine your strategy once again before disclosing any details.  Your judgment in a love life situation is a bit peculiar today. The object of your affections will be unwilling to accept you if you lose all common sense now.”

So not only was I predestined to have a “not-so-great” day; but my Love horoscope was directly tied to the “lack of common sense” predicted.  Well, I refuse to go down without a fight, so I am refusing to act irrationally, even when the forces-that-be seem to be pushing me in that direction.  I already behaved somewhat irrationally on Sunday, picking a fight with someone over an off-hand comment that normally wouldn’t have phased me.  I elected to blame the Super Moon for that mishap – but perhaps there was more to it, considering the negative horoscope.  Perhaps all the stars are aligning to make my life a little difficult for a while.  If so, it’s cool.  I’ll just continue to trust in what I know and let my INTJ personality lead me through the labyrinth of life.

Plus, I bought a personal label maker yesterday for $9.99 – normally $40.00.  Armed with a label maker, Post-its, and Needle Point Tul pens, I am a warrior with really cool office supplies.    The Universe doesn’t shop at OfficeMax – I do.  Word!

PERSONAL NOTE:  I love your face!

CONFIDENTIAL NOTE:  I am looking forward to seeing you soon.  It feels like forever – but that is an exaggeration.

Eidetic Vision

Main Entry: ei·det·ic Pronunciation: I-'det-ik Function: adjective : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images - an eidetic memory Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.