23 May 2012

The Bed is Irreparably Damaged

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It's not as easy as it seems
The world is big; the sea is deep
There is no rope; there is no line
We're specks of dust up in the sky
There is no space; there is no time
There's only you and what we leave behind.
~ “Show Me” by Garbage

There I was, sitting on my bed, watching the pilot episode of “Breaking Bad”, which is kind of funny because it could have been called “Breaking Bed”, since at the precise moment that Walter White crashed his mobile meth lab, my bed collapsed. Not cool man.  Not cool.   And as I had clearly explained when I predicted that the next time the bed broke, it is indeed irreparably broken. So, until I get a new bed frame, my box spring and mattress are on the floor.  Lame!

Luckily, that was not the best thing that happened to me Tuesday.  Let me tell you about the Torts Final Exam! In fact, I am still rather confused by the entire thing – primarily because I have NO IDEA what these people could have written as their Final Exam Essay responses.  Once again, we had a Torts Exam which allowed us a full week of preparation time. Five questions were provided; we could write or print on the back of the paper any notes we felt would be relevant to the essay exam and bring them to class. At precisely 6:00pm, Torts Prof gave us this introduction: “There are 6 playing cards here; 1-5 and a joker. If you draw a number card, the corresponding number will be the applicable essay question you have to answer. If you draw the Joker, you can write an essay on your favourite beer and why. Good luck.”  My ears perked up. I could totally write an “on-the-fly” essay on why I like Sam Adams Boston Lager.

Then my bestie (GB) in the class was told to draw a card. He drew #2. Everyone in the class groaned and made complaining comments because GB didn’t draw the Joker. It was a little ridiculous to the extent they were carrying on. No matter - they groaned after the cards were drawn during the last two exams as well; though this is the first time that a beer essay was offered. Amidst the groaning, Torts Prof explains he will be right back and leaves the room. Then all but 4 the test takers start talking about the question; but not in an academic way. They pretty much just kept complaining, with one woman leading the way with the loudest complaints. Here is where my confusion started . . . These were her words, “I cannot believe you drew #2. That is the worst question. I mean, look at it. Obviously the Plaintiff has no rights and is an idiot for thinking he does. I guess I’ll just write that.” She then wrote for less than five minutes, turned in her test, and left. I looked around, curious to see if anyone else thought this was strange – but within five more minutes, over half the class had turned in their test booklets and left. 

I glanced from the exam question to my exam booklet. I had only written two paragraphs. Knowing that I hadn’t even examined the actual fact pattern yet, I had no idea how anyone could be finished. I wrote for another 30 minutes, filling 4 sheets of my Blue Book. When I was satisfied that I had at least touched on all the issues, I wrote my conclusion and turned in my test booklet. There were three of us left in the room. Now, I cannot say without a doubt that I covered everything or that I wrote in the most concise manner I could. On the other hand, I can say, with 100% confidence that the Plaintiff did indeed have rights to sue. In addition, I can categorically say that had he actually had no rights or grounds to sue, the concept of a Final Exam essay dictates that you would still be expected to explain WHY, even if the question didn’t actually ask “why?”

I comprehend that there are people who don’t care whether they excel in a class – but if you are paying for it, wouldn’t you care enough that you’d not want to FAIL?  It has left me flabbergasted. Therefore, I dearly want to get my hands on that first essay. I need this curiosity satisfied. Unfortunately, I have referred to that woman as “dumb girl” in my head all term, so I don’t know her given name. Any ideas?
PUBLIC NOTICE:  Okay, so Torts Prof told us the funniest TRUE Torts Law story. I am not going to write it out – but if you get a spare 5 minutes between now and when I forget the story – contact me and I will attempt to tell you without breaking into hysterical laughter.  It is truly one of the funniest stories I have ever heard.

PERSONAL NOTE: Cannot wait to see you this weekend! Woot!  Woot!

CONFIDENTIAL NOTE: It was so nice spending time with you after class. Yay!

Eidetic Vision

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