28 May 2009

Shotgun No Joust

Current mood: content

Is it just a car?
Or is it so much more?
It’s a superstar
With the gas to the floor
~ “K Car” by Relient K

There is something remarkable about being able to sit and converse with someone without distraction. Living in a house with 4 pets and 3 other people, I don’t get a lot of privacy. Don’t misunderstand, I can sit by myself in a room in the house – but there is always a distraction waiting to occur. Someone will walk into the house or make noise or Elizabeth will want to play or Gracie will want to lecture me in her strange cat language, which I do not understand, though I am pretty sure she curses A LOT!

Yesterday, non-boyfriend and I just wanted to spend some time together without going out to eat or actually having a destination in mind. We ended up on a gravel road which looked abandoned. We parked Marcus Aurelius, rolled down the windows, and enjoyed the quiet of the country. There were beautiful flowers growing in the field next to where we parked. There were birds flittering about. A cardinal landed on the fencepost in front of the car. I put my feet in non-boyfriend’s lap, and relaxed. We sat and conversed for over an hour. No cell phones ringing; no radio on; no deadlines to meet.

The whole situation happened because I had forgotten my cell phone at home in the morning. Had I had my cell phone, I would have been responding to text messages or watching the time. Technology has robbed us of leisure time.

At work, I have been issued a laptop – supposedly for my convenience – but we all know that it is so I am accessible to work, 24 hours a day. Granted, I need the laptop or else I would be in the office an extra 15 – 20 hours a week. This way, I can go home and work on projects, etc. There used to be a time, though, when I would leave work and forget about it until the following morning. This is no longer the case. It’s sad really.

And for those poor people who have Crack berries and iPhones . . . good Lord . . . they are forever connected to everyone and everything. I love the interwebs too, but there is a point when we need to disconnect from the virtual world – for our own sanity.

I challenge you to turn off your cell phones, radios, televisions, and laptops. Find a loved one; go somewhere random, whether that is the park, the backseat of your car, or even an abandoned rock quarry, and just talk. Don’t have an agenda or a planned conversation. Let the moment inspire you. Make a memory. In the end, that’s all we have – a lifetime of memories. And I will cherish this one.

PERSONAL NOTE: See you this weekend! Woo hoo!!!!!

22 May 2009

You Know I Love You So

Current mood: wicked

And I said "I've got to be honest,
I've been waiting for you all my life.”
For so long I thought I was asylum bound,
But just seeing you makes me think twice.

And being with you here makes me sane
I fear I'll go crazy if you leave my side
You've got wits, you've got looks, you've got passion
But are you brave enough to leave with me tonight?
~ "As Lovers Go” by Dashboard Confessional

My insomnia woes are over for the time being. Let’s start at the beginning of what was a very bad week and move forward until we get to the present day. Fasten your seat belts as we travel backward in time to Sunday May 10, 2009. It was Mothers Day. I don’t particularly care for Mother’s Day due to many facts which I am not going to get into right now. Suffice it to say that Mothers Day is not a happy day for me. On top of it being a lousy day, I also had a really bad earache. The kind that makes you feel as if you are on an airplane, changing altitude quickly, without any relief from the pressure. Add that pain to the fact that I wanted to be with someone I could not be with – leaving me in bad form for sleeping. When I did finally fall asleep, I could not stay unconscious – waking up every 30 minutes or so all night long.

I called the doctor at 8am and they could get me in the office – at around 9am. I could not, however, see my regular doctor. Instead I had to see the P.A. I am not opposed to Physician Assistant in general – just opposed to this one specifically. Still, I needed antibiotics because I knew I had an ear infection. So, I had to go in and see him. He comes in, looks at my ears, and acknowledges that they are swollen, red, and most likely due to “ALLERGIES”. “I am pretty sure they are infected,” I said. He assured me that I could get an allergy shot and a new nasal spray and I would be fine. OKAY! I went to work, on no sleep and with an allergy shot in my hip.

Days passed. The ears – not getting better. In fact, they are feeling worse. My nose is no longer stuffed up – my eyes are not watering – but my ears still killing me. So, the rest of the week I am averaging 3 hours of sleep a night. That is fine. I pray for sleep to find me and yet, it never does. Friday, after work, I go to non-boyfriend’s house to take a nap while he studies. I actually get almost 3 straight hours of sleep. I go home, and miraculously sleep all night. Saturday, I wake up, feeling less tired than normal, but still with ear pain. That night I go out, and by the time I am actually in bed, it is past 3am. I don’t fall asleep until after 5. At 8am, I awaken with no possibility of falling back asleep. I force Elizabeth outside, feed the meowing cat, and do a load of laundry. I run to the post office to check 4 days worth of mail in my PO BOX and return to find out that Mi Madre wants sister and me to clean out the garage. We text message everyone we know, requesting assistance. The only responses that were semi-positive involved sexual favors in exchange for labor. We declined – not on moral grounds – but strictly out of annoyance that these people would not help us out of the kindness of their own hearts. By mid afternoon, my ear hurt so badly, I wanted to cry. Luckily, Mi Madre says, “Honey, I have great antibiotic drops for your ear. . . Now, I know it says ‘eye’ on the bottle – but it’s all interconnected.” WHOA! I have stooped to taking medical advice from someone with no medical training. Out of desperation, I allow one drop in my pained ear. Not sure that it really helped, so I went to bed early – only to find that I couldn’t sleep . . . imagine that!!!

I call the doctor’s office AGAIN, and make an appointment for exactly one week and one day after they gave me an ineffective shot and no assistance with my ears. This time, I can see my doctor. I get stuck in traffic and am late for my appointment. Unlike other offices, this one works on a strict schedule. Luckily, another patient had arrived early, so they took my appointment time and I got theirs. When the doctor walked into the room, I explained that I don’t care for the P.A. and think he was wrong. The doctor defends the P.A.’s actions – but acknowledges that he took an educated guess. “Whatevs! I just want my ear to stop hurting and to get some sleep.”

Then the miracle happened! He gave me Antibiotics (3000mg of Amox a day). He gave me meds to reduce the swelling in my ears. And he gave me a prescription for sleep. Lovely little pills that are extremely effective. They worked so well that I woke up groggy as hell on Wednesday morning. But I didn’t care! I slept a solid 9 hours. YAY!

Chalk one up for the good guys!

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Looking forward to seeing you soon!

CONFIDENTIAL NOTE: I think the three of us hanging out could be lucrative!

15 May 2009

I Love the Color Green

Current mood: Excited!

“She will come in first
For the end of Western Civilization
She’s a natural disaster
She’s the last of the American girls”
~ “Last of the American Girls” by Green Day

Tomorrow morning, at 10am, I will be purchasing my Green Day concert tickets. The Show is August 13. I will be attending. FINALLY! You see, I have never seen Green Day live. I mean, I have seen them Live on television. I have watched every televised live show they have done. Somehow, though, the fates were always against me when it came to seeing them in person. NOT this time! I know that as I write this, their new album is automatically downloading into my iTunes thanks to the power of the pre-order. If you haven’t heard “21st Century Breakdown” yet, you are in for a treat!! It is definitely their best work.

I am buying two tickets to the show – even though I have not asked anyone to go with me yet. I figure I will find someone by then . . . or I will sell the ticket. They will sell out the Qwest Center.

Last week, I brought Marcus Aurelius into the dealer to have a new key made and coded (not cheap!) and to get the car detailed. They did a fantastic job shampooing the carpets and seats and cleaning him up just like when he was brand new. Hard to believe that I have almost put 12k miles on him since August. I saw Joe Cool, my sales guy; while I was there . . . he said that when people get their cars detailed they tend to fall in love with them all over again . . . my response was, “Great! So soon I will have little baby Hondas rolling around”. I think he seriously laughed for a whole minute. I didn’t get the joke. :*giggle*

He was right though! It was so nice to see Marcus all cleaned up and ‘like new’ again. My sister gave me a ride in her car that morning, so I could borrow it while Marcus was getting his spa treatment. As we drove down the street we saw a row of 4 jeeps, all with their tops removed. The 4 drivers were using CB radios to talk to one another. They were obviously part of a club; a Jeep Club. The head jeep was driven by a hot guy . . . followed by a not so hot guy. .. Followed by a chubby, dorky looking guy . . . followed by a girl driver who could have kicked my ass if she hadn’t been so nice.

We were jealous of their camaraderie. Luckily for us, my sister spotted another VW Beetle (which is what she drives). She sped up and changed lanes to get behind it. Then, she honked at the Jeep Club and pointed to the VW in front of her. Each driver looked over, saw what she was doing, and exploded with laughter. They gave us thumbs up and waved. And yes, for a few moments, we were part of something greater than ourselves . . . until the Bug in front of us changed merged into another lane. Still . . . it was an experience to remember . . . or if not remember . . . then at least tell once in a blog.

“Resilience is accepting your new reality even if it’s less good than the reality you had before.” ~ Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards wrote a book. It’s called “Resilience”. She should know all about being resilient. Her husband is failed presidential candidate, John Edwards – known for his good looks and lack of marital fidelity. As if suffering with cancer and the death of child wasn’t enough, Mrs. Edwards also had the privilege to endure a very public sexual scandal thanks to her husband’s straying cock. I’d hate to know what Elizabeth did in a previous life to earn this one . . . karma’s a bitch! I have not read the book – but I intend on doing so. I heard an interview of her on NPR recently. I liked it. I liked her. She “gets” the practical joke we call life – and she accepts it. As do I.

PERSONAL NOTE: I cannot wait to see you!

CONFIDENTIAL NOTE: I will count the moments until I am in your arms. . .

06 May 2009

I Need Security Somehow

Current mood: disappointed

I’m such a mystery
As anyone can see
There isn’t anybody else
Exactly quite like me.
~ “Troublemaker” by Weezer

Don't you ever fear, I'm always there
I know that you need help
Your tongue is twisted, your eyes are slit
You need a guardian
~ “Buddy Holly” by Weezer

Tell me there’s a logic out there
Leading me to better prepare
For the day that something really special might come
Tell me there’s some hope for me
~ “Perfect Situation” by Weezer

Looks like I am on a Weezer trip today. Gotta love me some Weezer – that’s what I always say . . . actually I have never ever said that until now. Still, I should say it more often and will attempt to do so on a consistent basis.

Lack of a segue means that I am going to just jump to my reason for writing which is the game “Travian”. For those of you who don’t know what Travian is – well, that would be all of you, I imagine – Travian is a game online where players build villages; declare war on other villages; etc. Some would call it a role-playing game. (RPG). I consider it a means of actively participating in history. My villages are ancient Roman and I have quite an army of: Legionnaires, Praetorians, and Imperians. Plus I have a full cavalry.

Currently, my game is focused on maintaining trade relations with the much larger villages around me. My existing alliance is small; but will soon join forces with a stronger alliance – if my diplomacy skills work as planned. This game, when I first started, was horribly complicated. I kept getting decimated by neighboring villages. Now, however, I have actually acquired some skill. And as mentioned before – the key to peace is fair trade. They won’t raid me, if I am already providing them with a steady supply of necessary resources – while building up my own stores with their payments. Perhaps the leaders of the world should all have Travian accounts. They may learn something.

Now that I have completely geeked out this posting – I will add one more thing. . . I have U2 tickets to see them in Norman, OK on October 18th. I have not yet selected the lucky person who will be going with me. If you are interested . . . let me know.

Hugs and Kisses!

PERSONAL NOTE: I like you.

CONFIDENTIAL NOTE: Something strange is afoot at your place of employment. I strongly suggest that you seek the advice of an attorney . . . before you find yourself 4 feet deep in quicksand.

Eidetic Vision

Main Entry: ei·det·ic Pronunciation: I-'det-ik Function: adjective : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images - an eidetic memory Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.