07 March 2012

Come Back to Earth

current state of mind: anticipatory

Pain recedes
All things will pass
And this is going to pass, pass
I'm just trying to keep you calm
~ “Hostage” by Jack’s Mannequin

I apologize for the delay.  It’s been a tough week of brain washing.  Hee hee  Saturday, I had the second round interview with the leader of Team 3 at VIVOS.  At 1pm, CT, my phone rang.  When I answered it, a male voice introduced himself, then asked if he could ring me back in an hour for the interview.  I was very cooperative and told him that I would be happy to delay the interview by an hour.  Then I watched two episodes of Tosh.0 and kept glancing at my phone in anticipation.  At 2:03pm, CT, my phone rang again; same mysterious number. 
  • “Hello.”
  • “Good afternoon.  This is Steve.  I am from VIVOS.”
  • “Hi, Steve.”  (Steve?  Seriously?  I wanted to call him Team Leader 3 or Captain or something.  But it was just Steve.)
  • “We have reviewed your application and feel that you could possibly be a good candidate for membership.  You have a diverse skill set which would definitely be an asset for VIVOS.”
  • “I am glad you think so.”
  • “We do have some questions, but then I want you to let us know what questions you have.”
  • “Sounds good.”  (Damnit!  This is a trick interview.  You want me to ask questions so you can test me for my true interest and intentions.  Bloody hell. )
  • “What made you want to join VIVOS?”
  • “I believe it is important to be prepared for the inevitable.  The world is a very unstable place right now, and I have no doubt that soon there will be great turmoil which will require a secure and well-thought out contingency plan.  I feel in my heart that VIVOS is THAT plan.”
  • “Which shelter have you selected and how many people would you want to bring with you?”
  • “I want the Nebraska shelter due to its size and location.  I have need for 4 adults and one child under the age of 5.”
  • “Are you familiar with our Indiana shelter?”
  • “I know you have one there; but I have not looked into it.”
  • “It is online now and ready for move-in, when the need occurs.  When you are ready to commit with your deposit, we will be able to arrange for you to tour that facility until the Nebraska one is ready.”
  • “Fantastic.  That would be a wonderful experience.”  (Um, not really.  Cause I want to know where the Nebraska one is.)
  • “So, before I ask any more questions, what are your questions?”
  • And then the floodgates opened and I began asking a ton of questions.  Here are some answers:    No, the general public will not know where the shelters are located.  No, the media is not permitted to tour or know the location of the facilities.  All of our shelters have FBI, Law Enforcement, U.S. Marshalls, and former military members already committed.  Yes, we have a plan in place in case the U.S. Government attempts to commandeer a shelter.  Yes, we believe the governmental structure we have established with a rotating leadership group will prevent anyone from taking over a shelter.  Yes, we have a plan if people attempt to cause discord within the shelter. Yes, of course it is permitted if you bring your own weapons; but we will have safety guidelines in effect to keep the entire population secure.  No, we are not charlatans who are going to run off with your money.  Yes, I will send you the contract information for review.  No, you cannot see the facility until your deposit is made.  Yes, the deposit is refundable.  After 45 minutes, Steve asked a couple more questions about payment, my commitment level, verified some skills, then made sure I had his number to call him again with questions. 
  • “Thank you for your time today.  We will review your application and this interview in depth, then get back to you regarding the status of your membership.  Please feel free to contact me, if you need to do so.”
  • “Thanks, Steve.”  (Damn, y’all really are not adequately prepared to prevent me from taking control of this place.  Viva la Vida VIVOS!) 

Now, I am waiting for my approval.  Once that happens, my Machiavellian plan will enter Phase 2. 

PERSONAL NOTE:  Dexter Rocks!

CONFIDENTIAL NOTE:  I love you, both, with all my heart!

Eidetic Vision

Main Entry: ei·det·ic Pronunciation: I-'det-ik Function: adjective : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images - an eidetic memory Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.