22 August 2008

Pterodactyls Swarming

Current mood: Celebratory!

Maybe you'd be kidnapped by pirates
And they would take you to their hideout
As pirates often do
But I'd find the secret map
And I would vigilante-bushwhack
Through the jungles of Peru
~ "Hum Along" by Ludo

So, I heard this new band named 'Ludo'. First off, I heard of them through the silly T-shirt they gave away to a member of the Irish Book Club I just joined. She had no idea who Ludo was – neither did I. But then, after dropping Ebie off at doggie day care, I was listening to the stereo in Marcus Aurelius (2008 Honda Civic) and this crazy song came on called 'Love Me Dead'. It was amusing (laugh out loud absurd) – and I love the lead singer's voice. Kind of whiney, raspy, and sexy. I have no idea what he looks like and it is probably better that way.

Anyway, I heard his voice and I was hooked. So now I am listening to the 5 songs they have on their MySpace page – eagerly anticipating buying the album on Amazon or ITunes later. They are coming to Omaha to perform soon – and I may just have to get myself a ticket. Maybe someone will buy me a ticket for my birthday! They are like 12 bucks or something. *hint hint*

Last night, 'Veggie Girl' brought me out for a birthday extravaganza! We started our little adventure at office Depot, where I made a necessary purchase (vehicle expense record book) and a luxury purchase (box of really nice blue ink pens). Then she took me to dinner and downtown to a wine place for a bottle of wine. I drank 2/3 of it, I am sure. This artist came in and I gave him a pen – then he gave me a business card – then I gave him a business card – then he gave 'Veggie Girl' a business card – then she gave him a business card – then his friend arrived, and she gave us Postcard Invitations to a Trunk Show sponsored by the Omaha Craft Mafia – which is tonight. I am going. It will be fun!

'Artist' and his friend, 'Crafty Mafia Chick' were both very nice! I made the pun, "I am all wined up" instead of "wound up" and I think it was a hit! Hee hee

Then we went home – I walked Elizabeth, then spent the rest of the evening at home. 'Veggie Girl' went home and was sick! That is what you get for eating eggplant – sorry all the same though!

If anyone wants a nice pen – the brand to get is Foray – rubber grip, retractable ballpoint pens – blue ink – Medium point (1.0mm) They are quality tested and 100% guaranteed.

Tonight, I have a pseudo blind date (he is not blind, neither am I). It's not a date really – except in the simplest manner that it is a pre-determined get-together. I am doing a favor for someone.

PERSONAL NOTE: Cannot wait to see you in your new hometown! 1 week, 3 days and counting!

Eidetic Vision

Main Entry: ei·det·ic Pronunciation: I-'det-ik Function: adjective : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images - an eidetic memory Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.