21 July 2008

They made love on the mezzanine. . . her husband was his friend!

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Saturday was the one year anniversary of the finalization of my divorce. Hard to believe that I have been single for a year. What better way to commemorate my divorce than with working a Bridal Fair all day on Sunday? That's right, folks, Girl Genius spent hours talking to future brides and grooms, sharing in their excitement and encouraging them to select our company for all of their wedding photography needs. Hell, we even had one of our "special infant portraits" on site – to encourage the future brides to get knocked up so their babies could be photographed in such an adorable manner!

Based on some of the fair-goers, looks like they had a head start on the baby making process. There were a lot of pregnant "VIBs" (Very Important Brides") onsite. I made sure to push the baby picture angle on those guests. They seemed appreciative. Well, that or they just wanted to move on to the next booth which was an amazing caterer who gave away food samples and not just folders with price lists like us!

I congratulated hundreds of brides on their decision to get married. I met some of their grooms (the poor guys who were dragged to the fair) and congratulated them too! I made each bride feel like she were the only one getting married. I encouraged them to enjoy their engagement time – and to take some time for them within the whirlwind. I showed them photography packages and let them know that their wedding day will be amazing and special and just what they want.

Then, I asked God to forgive me for glossing over the fact that half of these couples would end up divorced. I didn't bring up the fact that true love is a silly reason to get married – and not at all practical for today's society. I did not mention that I have two gorgeous wedding albums which now commemorate failed marriages instead of happily ever after. I am not anti-marriage – truly I am not. I just think that humans are pretty irrational with regards to picking life partners. And these 22 year old girls getting married really haven't lived enough life to make a decision that will result in a lifetime of happiness. Still, let's be hopeful!

I laugh at the irony that is me pushing marriage at a Bridal Fair!

Thus far, my family has been pretty "hands off" when it comes to encouraging me to move on or date or whatever, since the divorce. They were supportive of my relationship with 'Boston' and have asked no questions since he and I broke up. So, imagine my surprise yesterday when a vendor walked up to the booth, and everyone backed off, leaving me to be the only person to talk to him. He was in his early-to-mid thirties and attractive enough, I guess, but seriously, I am not looking for a new beau at this time. Turns out, he stopped by to let me know that he was donating a certificate to my silent auction for the 3 Day fundraiser we are doing on August 1.

Once he walked away, my mom and her friend who also works for the studio, came over and let me know they backed away to give me a chance to flirt. What???? Then I asked them, "He had a ring on. Are you going to make a habit of sending the married ones to me?" LOL They said that it didn't look like a wedding ring, and that if he is indeed married, then they may have made a mistake. From there, I was then encouraged to talk to one of the models for Groomswear. Granted, he was pretty, and seemed nice. But – I am not forward enough to just go up to a guy like that. . . especially not while I am working.

I ended up just giving him some business cards for two of our photographers (and my own) and told him if he had any photography needs to give us a call. Turns out, his mom owns a reception hall – so he was going to have her advertise for us! Looks like my attempt at flirting may have actually just been good marketing skills!

Girl Genius – 0
Photo Studio – 1

Oh well! I don't know that I am ready to date a model. Still, if he calls for pictures - I will definitely be his sales rep! Hee hee

Looking forward to being back in DFW August 25 – September 1!!!

Eidetic Vision

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