30 July 2008

Show Me Where the Sun Comes Through the Sky

Current mood: amorous

I'd trade my days for nights
I love the city lights
None of your business
Who I might sleep with
Some things are bad for me
And some things I just can't resist
~ "Whatever Gets You On" by Fastball

I think I have a little ADD this afternoon!!! Morrissey's voice is giving me a headache. For some reason, Pandora Radio is playing the Smith's a lot today. And, I normally like listening to his melancholic crooning – but not today!

On the "crush" front, Prince Harry talked to me this morning. Indirectly. "Bella" and I were going to grab a beverage and we spotted an insect on the floor. She offered 'His Royal Highness' a dollar to kill the poor, defenseless beetle. He did it – though he claims he is not a killer for hire – he would happily have done it for free. I made a pretty big deal about the execution-style killing; but in reality, I hate crunchy bugs – so I suppose I am not going to lose sleep over the matter.

In Texas-inspired news, D/BFF sent me an interesting 'tool' via e-mail AND IM (just in case I didn't get the e-mail, I guess) hee hee. It is a database which allows you to enter your Nail Salon's information to verify that they have received no health code violations. Luckily, the salon I used in Fort Worth was absent from the list of – but some people have not been so lucky. Check out a few of these violations:

Respondent failed to remove soiled towels after use on each client and deposit in a suitable receptacle; Respondent possessed three electric drills other than those specifically designed and manufactured for use in the professional nail industry.

Respondent failed to clean and sanitize whirlpool foot spas as required at the end of the day.

Respondent performed or attempted to perform a practice of cosmetology without obtaining a license for that practice.

And my favourite – which resulted in a $16,000 fine and suspension of salon license for 6 months:

Respondent failed to have bleach or an EPA-registered disinfectant available to clean and sanitize the whirlpool foot spas; Respondent failed to keep cleaning records for the required bi-weekly cleaning of the whirlpool foot spas; Respondent failed to have a suitable receptacle for used towels; Respondent failed to properly clean, disinfect and sterilize all non-porous manicure and pedicure tools prior to servicing each client; Respondent failed to prepare fresh disinfectant solution daily or more often as needed, for immersion of implements; Respondent failed to keep work areas in a clean, orderly, and sanitary condition; Respondent failed to store in a clean, dry, debris-free environment, separate from soiled implements and materials, all cleaned and disinfected implements and materials when not in use; Respondent failed to provide hand washing facilities for employees which include hot and cold running water; Respondent failed to clean and disinfect all wax pots or leaving applicators standing in the wax; Respondent failed to have tuberculocidal disinfectant solution on premises; Respondent performed an act or practice of cosmetology in which the salon is not Licensed.

That last one is pretty nasty. I mean, what client would get her nails done at a salon where there was debris all over; no hot water, and no utensils in sanitizer??? I refuse to put my feet into a pedicure whirlpool without watching them clean it first. I truly do not see how someone would allow a manicurist to use dirty metal utensils on her hands or feet. Ewwww! I think I just threw up a little. Thanks, D/BFF for this eye-opening experience.

As you can see, I posted some of the pictures that were taken of Elizabeth on my facebook and myspace profiles. Isn't she so adorable? My favourite ones are the mugshots! Hee Hee! Too cute!

I want to remind you that the Breast Cancer 3-Day fundraiser we are holding at Nico is this Friday at 7pm. For those of you who cannot attend, please consider making a ten dollar donation anyway. There are 4 of us walking for our team. You may donate on any of our websites. The money all goes to the same place – to benefit those affected by breast cancer.

So go to our Team Page and choose a Team Member's Name, then DONATE! Credit and Debit cards are welcome - encouraged - and accepted!


PERSONAL NOTE: I had fun hanging out with you and Roxy last night! Thanks!

Eidetic Vision

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