27 August 2012

Yeah, Um, We Don't Cover That

current state of mind: concerned

As you walk away, holding things I won't confess
I hope you'll learn to see it for what it was
Sacrifice your dignity and forfeit your regrets
It's a brand new day; let's wash our hands of this
~ “This is Goodbye” by Honestly

My beautiful, amazing sister, K-Shrub, is going to give me a nephew pretty soon. He is my belated birthday present. I am holding my breath in anticipation. This past weekend, I celebrated my birthday and K-Shrub took me to dinner. We sat in her car at the Sonic and giggled like schoolgirls as we made jokes and ate cheesy tots. K-Shrub and I are very different in so many ways – but our sense of humor is almost spot-on. I am so lucky to have her as the mother-to-be of my future nephew.

We also went to a matinee showing of “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”. I am not going to say much about the film because you really should go see it for yourself. What I am going to tell you is that you need to bring a steady supply of tissue. I started crying 5 minutes into the movie and did not noticeably stop until we left the theater. It is definitely heartwarming and bittersweet. I laughed many times during the film; but the tears kept falling. K-Shrub only mocked me a little. Looking back I am surprised she didn’t say, “Are you soooooooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaddddddddd?” She missed a golden opportunity with that one.

*Changing Topics*

Saturday night I was treated to dinner by Ms. Wine. Then, we went back to the wine lounge and she worked while I sat and drank a couple of Diet Roy Rogers. After closing time, we went to a friend’s place to watch some English Premiere League Football (soccer for those of you who live in America). 
SIDENOTE:  For the record, I have been a soccer fan since 1989, due to a boy who played on a select team. Then in high school, another boy (or 2) kept me interested in soccer. By 1994, I was an actual fan, no longer needing a boy to inspire the love. The 1994 World Cup was held in the U.S. and I watched EVERY game courtesy of three VCRs and a large supply of VHS tapes. I have been a Manchester United fan since 1995. David Beckham, one year older than me, was the squad’s up and coming star. In January 1996, I walked into Dublin’s Man-United Superstore and felt like a pilgrim at Mecca. I spent more money there than anyplace else in Ireland. Upon my return to the states, there were posters and stickers of Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Roy Keane, and Gary Neville all over my dorm room, my notebooks, etc. Even my phone (landline) was decorated in Man-United swag. :END SIDENOTE 
It is important to note that the Manchester United-Fulham match we were watching was recorded and played live earlier in the day. I knew the score before it began. Still, I seldom get to watch the matches so I sat down on the couch, excited to watch the Red Devils win in a relatively high scoring match.  Granted, I was also on the happier side of some wine and birthday shots – which explains why I was willing to put on a Jersey over my dress when encouraged to do so. It also explains why when the match was over and we were triumphant, I looked at the clock, saw it was almost 4 in the morning and agreed to stay and watch the Chelsea-Newcastle match as well. Woot! I had also switched to water, so by the time that match was over, I was exhausted and able to drive home safely. Before falling into my bed, however, I reached into my closet and took out the Manchester United jersey I bought so many years ago in Dublin. It is still in pristine condition. Goal! Goal! Goal!

PERSONAL NOTE: I am so excited to meet you when you arrive into the world, little man.

CONFIDENTIAL NOTE: I am going to move forward with the BYOG concept. Brilliant idea!  

Eidetic Vision

Main Entry: ei·det·ic Pronunciation: I-'det-ik Function: adjective : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images - an eidetic memory Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.