05 April 2012

Can You Do All These Things?

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Does he watch your favourite movies?
Does he hold you when you cry?
Does he let you tell him all your favorite parts,
When you’ve seen it a million times?
~ “Like We Used To” by A Rocket to the Moon

I am expecting a “surprise” in the mail.  My favourite 2L is sending me a book which will help me understand how better to approach my Torts exam next time.  Yay for that!  After my most recent Employment Law session, I have decided that I do not enjoy Employment Law.  Not one bit.  All that I am learning is that if an employee wants any Constitutional rights, he needs to work for the Public Sector.  Private Sector employees have few rights.  Woot! 

I am approaching this holiday weekend with much anticipation.  I have 8 million things to get accomplished and the only way this can happen is if I have an extra day to do it.  So, huzzah for corporate holidays. 

While perusing my Rhapsody playlists, I came across some songs which most people would not associate with my musical tastes.  Three songs, in particular, make me extremely happy to sing when I hear them.  Before you judge, please know that I can break out my rhythm when I need to do so.  Granted, I may not be the best dancer at the club – but I can dance in my car or in my chair at work better than most.  There is no reason why a person such as me cannot jam to Will Smith’s ‘Wild Wild West’ while working.  Yes, I realize that no one likes that song besides me.  I also realize that I am one of the only people on the planet who admits to really, really enjoying the movie as well. 

The song that comes on AFTER “Wild Wild West” is “Rump Shaker” by Wreckx-N-Effect.  Talk about a song that keeps it real.  “check baby, check baby 1 2 3 4, check baby, check baby 1 2 3 , check baby, check baby 1 2, check baby, check baby 1 , it’s cool . . .”  Now that y’all are picturing me rapping, I do have something I need to disclose.  When this song first came out, I used to sing it very loudly and quite often.  I was especially proud of the fact that I had the words memorized.  And sometimes I would sing it for fun, even when the song wasn’t playing.  It was one of those instances when a good friend stopped me mid chorus and said, “Um, could I have you sing that part again for me?”  I knew she knew the words so I asked why she wanted to have them repeated.  While laughing, she said, “Seriously, sing the chorus again for me, please.”  Entirely confident in my knowledge, I sang the chorus for her.  It went like this, “All I wanna do zooma zooma zoom with a broom broom, shake your rug.”  Needless to say, I did not EXACTLY know the words.  Also, it was at that time my friend explained that the “grills” they sing about are not for a BBQ and once I knew the real words, the song made SO MUCH MORE SENSE! 

Of course, I cannot leave you hanging about the third song.  Let’s preface this info with the widely known fact that I am a huge fan of the movie ‘Young Guns’.  So, when a song came out that featured a line from that movie, I had no choice but to love it.  Admit it, when you hear the line “Regulators, mount up!” you too want to be on a mission to find Mr. Warren G.  Plus, I learned most of what I know about guns and the street from this song.  I love to “hooks a left” while “rolling” in Lucius.  And unlike Warren G, I am prepared for “getting jacked” by keeping my doors locked and not rolling down my windows.  No one is taking “my rings and my Rolex”.  The thing is, however, I don’t think I want to go to the “East Side Motel”.  I am really more of a “Hilton” fan.  They have the best mattresses, the best linens, and of course, Peter Thomas Roth toiletries.  Plus they make good cookies!

On that note, I will bid you adieu – primarily because I have hit the limit of how much embarrassment I can handle in one blog post. 

PERSONAL NOTE:  Cannot wait to see you!  And yes, I agree to the karaoke request!

CONFIDENTIAL NOTE:  Rules 1 and 2 are in effect.  Rule 3 is killing me!

Eidetic Vision

Main Entry: ei·det·ic Pronunciation: I-'det-ik Function: adjective : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images - an eidetic memory Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.