28 October 2009

I Think I Love You

current mood: nauseated

When these pillars get pulled down
It will be you who wears the crown
And I'll owe everything to you
How much pain has cracked your soul?
How much love would make you whole?
You're my guiding lightning strike
~ “I Belong to You” by Muse

This past weekend, I welcomed Lucius Veras into my world. He is a beautiful 2010 Honda Civic; Polished Metal in color; and so beautiful. I have out over a hundred miles on him this week and every one was special in its own way. Yes, I am prone to exaggeration – still, it’s a damn fine car. When I went to pick him up from the dealer [O’Daniel Honda plug here], I was able to see Joe Cool and drink yummy cappuccino from their cappuccino machine. It was a dream come true. Also, while sitting in the showroom waiting for Joe Cool to return with some paperwork, I enthusiastically assisted another sales guy sell a Honda Fit. They should ditch that Honda mascot and just send out pictures of me and Lucius.

Today, Joe Cool called me to check on the car and see how I liked him. As I noted to him when he said, ‘hello’, it is quite unusual for someone to hear her car salesman’s voice and instantly know who it is. We both found that rather amusing. I have decided that it would be in my best interest to drive over to Superiority Complex Honda – and share with their General Manager that due to their slimy, non-listening sales guy, O’Daniel sold not 1, but 2, BRAND NEW Honda Civics to the same person in a 16 month period of time. AND, both times, I paid cash (well, financed through someone else) meaning that there was no risk to Honda regarding late payments or default. That dumb, dumb man – ‘SS Rob’. If only he would have listened when I “told him I was looking for a 4 door Honda Civic, a 2008 or 2007, NOT Silver or White. I also specified I wanted a standard transmission; not an automatic.” Alas, thanks to him, I am well on my way to putting Joe Cool’s kids through college. See 'Ridin' in my 5.0' for details of my adventures purchasing Marcus Aurelius!

I am looking forward to being in Fort Worth for Halloween weekend. Granted, I am disappointed that I am not going to Voodoo Fest in New Orleans (and I am sure y’all are sad you won’t get to read any commentary on this year’s bands) with Roly-Poly Nicoly and Ali-Son. Instead, I get to go trick-or-treating with the twins AND meet THREE new babies that have been born since June. Next year, I can go to New Orleans.

For those of you who may be concerned as to the well-being of Lucius Veras while I am out of town – he is parked in a secret location, where would-be thieves will have to pass through laser beams and wild beasts to get to him. Even Homeland Security doesn’t know where he is being hidden. Um . . . now that I mentioned ‘Homeland Security’ will this blog be monitored? If I also use words like ‘Gitmo’; ‘WMDs’, and international espionage, perhaps I can pick up a few more readers. Maybe the Obama Family can read my words aloud before watching movies in the White House movie theatre.

Last thought before I go. . . the new 3OH!3 song, “Starstruck” makes me wish I knew how to whistle. “Nice Legs! Daisy Dukes! Makes a man go *silence*” It just isn’t the same without the whistle! Bloody hell.

PERSONAL NOTE: I like you.

PUBLIC NOTE: Come to the Happy Hour at Flip’s on Friday afternoon in Fort Worth, right off Western Center and I35-W. Starts at 5 or so.

: Um, bad plan. You may want to think that one over, my friend.

Eidetic Vision

Main Entry: ei·det·ic Pronunciation: I-'det-ik Function: adjective : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images - an eidetic memory Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.