10 July 2009

Sleeping All Day Staying Up All Night

current mood: restless

some chasing their own tails
some chase till all else fails
some chasing common sense
some chasing a picket fence
me, i'd rather chase you down
~ “Chasing Ambulances” by Octoberman

Last night, I decided to FINALLY submit all of my Disney Movie Reward codes into the system. I have been a member of the Disney Movie Club for almost 2 years – and that equals out to a LOT of Disney Movie codes. I went through each DVD case, found the codes, and entered them online. Lucky for me, I earned enough to acquire a new 2GB flash drive – in the shape of Wall-E’s eyes. How cute is that???? I have needed a new Flash Drive since the ill-fated “dog walking in the corn field and lost my keys (including my 16GB flash drive)” expedition. Granted, my new flash drive is only 2GB – but since I have an external hard drive now I don’t need to store as much ON my flash drive. Yay me!

This weekend, I get to finish tiling my bedroom and TV room. And ‘Granite Guy’ is going to help me tile and install baseboards. I also want to buy some non-slip stickers for the stairs. Also, I am having some new bedroom furniture delivered next week – meaning that I need to actually clean my room while I am tiling, instead of just relocating all the crap.

My sleeping habits are not improving – most likely because I have not been taking my pills (as I don’t want to oversleep on work mornings). I miss Ephedra and all of the energy it used to bring me. Damn those people who abused it and got it taken off the market by the FDA. I went into a nutrition store the other day, in hopes of finding something similar to the energy level ephedra used to bring me. Here is the scenario:

I walk into the store, and there are two male sales people and one out of shape, gentleman in his mid-forties talking to both salesmen. Note that one of the salesmen was pretty tall, with arms the size of my thighs. He looked like he could have thrown on a football uniform and taken the field. The other salesman (if we can call him a “man”) was in his early twenties, pretty, and physically fit. He could just as easily have been working at Hollister or Abercrombie. Regardless – he left the other customer to approach me. Seriously, do I look like I will fall for any pretty 24 year old out there? Bloody Hell!

He asks me what he can do for me. . . I want to tell him he can leave me alone so I can peruse in peace – instead, I told him, I want whatever combination of pills will give me the energy ephedra did. I explain I take prescription sleeping pills at night, so I need ‘vitamins’ which will not counteract the sleeping pills, and also will not give me an energy crash when it wears off. He assured me that nothing they sell would interfere with my sleeping pills. Apparently he is a doctor and a psychic because he didn’t even ask what I was taking! He then led me to a small bottle of something which cost 66.00. I asked if they sold sample sizes – They Don’t! ‘Dr. Dealer’, as he will now be called, went on to explain that I would need to combine this metabolizing fat-burner energy herbal supplement with ephedrine (which luckily for me, they also sell). Ephedrine is a synthetic version of ephedra that people use to breathe easier (think asthmatics and people suffering from colds). When I asked what a box of ephedrine costs, he smiled and said, “$39.00”.


(Jesus had not actually appeared. I said His name because I figured he was going to bless the ‘supplements’ for me, based on the prices I choked out a laugh and told “Dr. Dealer” that I did not want to spend that much on non-refundable products that may not work. He assured me that if this particular combination didn’t work, he would be able to come up with something that would. How scientific! I asked if he could provide a few samples for me to test the combo first. Not only did he say, ‘No” but he went on to explain that the price was fair based on supply and demand. Ha ha ha ha I don’t think he has actually taken an economics course. And I sure as hell didn’t see Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations” anywhere in the store. He handed me a form and indicated I needed to fill it out for their customer database and he would give me a 20% discount on the metabolizer; but that the ephedrine was just selling too well to discount. That explains why they had 100+ boxes on the counter behind the registers.

I decided that I needed a second opinion and decided to call NBF, as he is a supplement genius. I reached for my phone, which was no where in my purse. Having left it in the car, I saw no choice but to tell ‘Dr. Dealer’ that I’d be back after I made a phone call. The thing is. . . I never went back. I thought the guy was a douche and the store was run by ‘charlatans’.

The end result is that I am still exhausted and searching for the ultimate energy source. If anyone is leaving the country and happens to find some ephedra – please bring me back some. It is not illegal to possess it in the US, just illegal to SELL it.

Desperately Seeking Ephedra, Out!

PERSONAL NOTE: Have fun in New York!!!

Eidetic Vision

Main Entry: ei·det·ic Pronunciation: I-'det-ik Function: adjective : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images - an eidetic memory Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.