26 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Current mood: thankful

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, my favourite holiday. For as long as I remember, each Thanksgiving morning has been the same. I wake up early; make breakfast; and sit down in a comfy chair to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I always watch it in my jammies (pajamas) and wrapped in a blanket – no matter how warm it is outside. I will not tolerate people changing the station to watch anything else during commercials. I prefer the NBC coverage – but am willing to watch CBS if coerced.

Later in the day, I eat a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, have dessert at my aunt's, then go to a movie. This year, I am altering it a little, as I am bypassing the movie to go to a concert with a friend. Still, the concept is the same. Thanksgiving is a day of relaxation, joy, and entertainment with friends and family. In the grand scheme of things, these are what makes us most thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eidetic Vision

Main Entry: ei·det·ic Pronunciation: I-'det-ik Function: adjective : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images - an eidetic memory Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.