15 September 2008

Lucky Boys Confusion?

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I'm used to opening my own doors and splitting the checks
He introduced me, was always just a friend
I bought a new dress, he never noticed
Always falling for these bad boys, such a challenge
I'm getting tired, of cleaning up after them
I think I'm ready to be a woman
Oh love, I think I'm ready
Ready for it
~ "I Think I'm Ready" by Katy Perry

Ask my friend, "Red", and he'd cheerfully point out that I like bad boys. He likes to say that I like the ones who are not very nice (to me or anyone else). "OH Genius" believes that I like them "irretrievably broken" because I want to be a caregiver and fix them. She has been my surrogate in some cases, so she 'gets it'. She knows me better than I know myself some days – and she's right. They both are, actually. I like my relationships to be an arm's length away – AT ALL TIMES! Well, I used to anyway. . . Things are changing, rapidly on that front, and I am in unfamiliar territory. So, wish me luck!

In other news, my sister kicked out her stripper roommate and can now move out of the alcove and back into the bedroom. Hell, she can probably move her bed stand out of the living room as well. To hear her tell it, she would "rather be homeless than live with that skanky bitch again". I don't see the problem. . . the ho-girl commandeered the bedroom, the closet, and the food in the kitchen (none of which she was paying for. She hadn't even paid her rent yet). And she used all of Kabie's Kenra Hairspray – then replaced it with a bottle of White Rain! LOL I didn't even know you could still buy White Rain. Ha ha ha ha ha ha to quote my hairdresser, "that ho used up your Kenra and bought you White Rain. Kick her ass out." That is exactly what happened! Warning to future roommates to my sister – stay the hell away from her hairspray! It will get you evicted.

Yet, I steal her Coach wristlet – and all that happened was that it was "turned into my birthday present" and it will soon be accompanied by a Coach handbag – also courtesy of the sister who hordes her Sun Chips as if they were crusted with diamonds, not Garden Salsa flavoring. Anyway, I don't feel too badly for thieving from her – I mean, she does still consider the cash and credit cards within the wristlet as hers to use – which she does to buy lunch and dinner when ever we go out together. Plus, I think she wanted me to buy her a T-shirt at Hot Topic the other day – based on the fact she kept telling me how much she loved the shirt, and then stare forlornly at the price tag. I didn't take the bait, which is why we didn't have to remain in the store too much longer. One point for me!

Tomorrow, I have two online classes beginning. I am kind of freaking out about them, as I am already a busy, busy girl – and now I get to add two classes on top of it all. Woo Hoo! Life is good here in Omi-ha-ha. At least there is no kitchen at my house to distract me from my other obligations. Food on-site is always a bad way to live – wouldn't you say?

Hell, even my sister said she'd rather live in an alcove with the red-headed hooker than live without a kitchen. Whatevs! Speaking of "whatevs" – my catch-phrase, by the way, that I made up; all by myself – it was used in one of those silly Japanese animations on the cartoon network the other day. Looks like Girl Genius just went global – take that naysayers!

PERSONAL NOTE: Sorry your car got smooshed flat by a tree this weekend. Hope your homeowners' covers it so you can get a nice new car like my Honda Civic. They could get married and make little Marcus Aureliai.

Eidetic Vision

Main Entry: ei·det·ic Pronunciation: I-'det-ik Function: adjective : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images - an eidetic memory Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.