29 December 2011

Sacred Book of Whom?

current state of mind: relaxed

But oh the victories I’ve lead
Haven’t brought me to your bed
You see, everybody loves me baby,
What’s the matter with you?
~ “Everybody Loves Me Baby” by Don McLean

In the corner of my backyard is a giant blue bean bag chair. Before you ask, yes, THAT giant blue bean bag chair. You see, after I went to all the trouble of bagging the beads into trash bags, then getting them situated in the freshly washed bean bag chair, I walked into the basement to see Princess Grace christening the bag. WTF?!?! The cat that had never gone outside her litter box apparently decided that Elizabeth’s bean bag chair would be a great location for her bathroom needs. I yelled at her; but she didn’t care. Though, it did result in her going to the vet, which was severely unpleasant for both her and my checking account. Because I just didn’t have time to mess with it, I set the bean bag chair outside the backdoor so I could “get to it later”. Well, the dogs got to it first and it was the new fire hydrant. Bloody hell! I have not abandoned all hope; but, I am seriously debating whether I wash the damn thing again. The good news is that the pellets were protected by the trash bags. Woot Woot!

Recently I attended an event via work that brought a blast from the past to the forefront. When I was a sports trainer in college, I had a little crush on one of the coaches. That crush resulted in a lot of teasing from my friends and the players. It also resulted in me being the trainer that had to walk up and down the sideline with a water bottle, always within 6 feet of this particular coach and the quarterback. Looking back, I remember the situation with fondness. At the time, I was mortified by the assignment and couldn’t even talk to the coach without blushing like a lovesick schoolgirl. And when the team travelled; I somehow always got assigned to his van, which meant I had the constant fear of getting carsick in front of him. This particular coach is now an assistant coach for a Big Ten team that is pretty popular around here. I do not follow the coaching staff of this particular team; so when his name was mentioned at the aforementioned event, I was surprised. Out of curiosity I broke my usual rule of not Goggling people I know and typed in his name. Bam! His picture and bio popped up for my perusal. I read it and grew a little nostalgic.

This little bit of nostalgia was the catalyst for another Goggle search: Bobby Hurley. I only Google BH once a year, as any more often would make me feel like a stalker instead of a curious fan. Lo and behold, he is now coaching at Wagner with his brother, Dan (aka Danny Hurley). Since I was already there, I read Bobby’s bio on the Wagner site and saw that he now has 3 kids (2 girls and a boy). I knew about the first daughter because she was named after Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke. The other two kids were new additions to my knowledge bank. Dan is definitely aging better than Bobby – but, nothing can take away the glory of #11 in my memory!!!

PERSONAL NOTE: I am looking forward to New Years Eve!

CONFIDENTIAL NOTE: My heart breaks for you; but, I trust that 2012 will heal your wounds and bring you much joy.

Eidetic Vision

Main Entry: ei·det·ic Pronunciation: I-'det-ik Function: adjective : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images - an eidetic memory Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.